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About Us

About Best Drug RehabilitationBest Drug Rehabilitation offers an addiction treatment program that not only removes the physical addiction, it also addresses the emotional and spiritual aspects involved in order to help the client heal completely.  Our private facility is staffed with caring, highly trained professionals to give clients the support and guidance needed during their recovery experience.  We welcome clients from any faith or social standing and can adapt our program to suit their specific needs or preferences.

Best Drug Rehabilitation Offers Multiple Pathways for Rehabilitation

At Best Drug Rehabilitation we believe in treating clients as an individual who deserves respect and compassion.  We don’t impose a rigid program on anyone because we feel that each person should have the freedom to take part in choosing their own path to recovery.  This flexibility gives our clients the ability to progress at their own pace and not feel rushed or pressured to finish in an allotted time period. The last thing our clients need is something else to stress over.  Overcoming addiction is difficult enough without additional burdens.

Some of the Best Drug Rehabilitation pathways to healing include:

  • Holistic Rehabilitation
  • Massage Therapy and Acupuncture Therapy
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Exercise and Fitness Therapy
  • Group, Individual, and Family Counseling
  • Educational Programs and Self Help Programs
  • Standard Withdrawal and Medical Supervised Detoxification

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To learn more about our successful program, call today and speak with one our staff to find out how we will help you turn your life around and walk away from addiction forever.  Best Drug Rehabilitation counselors are available day and night to take your call.


At Best Drug Rehab, we have sought to bring together many different trained, licensed professionals or certified recovering members of many different modalities that have a background in the addictions field.

Feel free to call and speak with a certified counselor if you have any questions on our unique approach to recovery through our program. We don't save lives...we teach you how to save yours.