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Alcohol Poisoning

alcohol poisoningAlcohol poisoning is caused by drinking too much alcohol. Too much drinking of alcoholic beverages can be very dangerous to everyone’s health. The minor incidents can be anything from falling down to more major injuries such as death. It can also be stressful to those trying to help take care of an overly intoxicated person.


Some symptoms include vomiting, seizures, confusion, stupor, blue tinged skin, pale skin, irregular breathing, low body temperature and unconsciousness. If you think someone has had way too much to drink or you feel there might be an indication of poisoning, then you need to seek medical help.   When you drink alcohol more and more you can become sleepy or fall into a stupor. Then the respiratory system becomes depressed and the person could stop breathing. If you’re with someone who passes out from drinking too much you may need to seek medical attention. Passing out may seem minor to you, but when a person passes out from too much alcohol they can aspirate on their vomit and cause them to drown and die. It can also settle in the lungs and cause pneumonia.

What to Do if You Suspect Alcohol Overdose

The only thing that can sober a person is time.  Make sure the person is breathing and contact emergency services immediately.

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