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Successful Drug Rehab

In the field of addiction, there are many treatment modalities and intervention approaches for successful drug rehab. There are differences in therapies as well as differences between professionals about the concept of chemical dependency as a disease. A successful treatment, however, requires some critical components.

The Importance of Successful Rehabilitation

successful drug rehabEmploying a specialized treatment approach to  and utilizing a treatment team made up of direct care workers, counselors, social workers, nurses and physicians, ensures that a client’s treatment needs are effectively addressed. Each member of the team contributes to the long-term goal of recovery for the client. A counselor certified in the chemical dependency field receives extensive drug rehab training and typically is required to receive ongoing training to maintain their credential. Social workers, nurses and physicians are also required to receive ongoing training, as well. This knowledgeable group of individuals educated and experienced in the chemical field is fundamental to an effective treatment program.

A successful drug treatment will also include the participation of the family. Clients are often reluctant to admit their substance use is problematic, creating resistance in treatment. By incorporating input from family members, a client’s substance abuse history is aided by the clarifying information and provides an accurate picture of the impact of this use. Family members also provide needed support to the newly sober client while in treatment.

Successful Rehab Ensures a Lasting Recovery

Treatment intervention also includes the use of peer support in group counseling sessions. A client is often more comfortable sharing his experiences with group members rather than to immediate family due to feelings of shame and guilt. Treatment teams at drug and rehab centers frequently utilize the concept of confrontation in group therapy and the honest feedback from group members is critical to client progress.

At Best Drug Rehab, we have sought to bring together many different trained, licensed professionals or certified recovering members of many different modalities that have a background in the addictions field.

Feel free to call and speak with a certified counselor if you have any questions on our unique approach to recovery through our program. We don't save lives...we teach you how to save yours.