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Oxycodone Abuse

Oxycodone abuse is extremely common. In Canada alone, about 20 people per million die each year from misuse of oxycodone. The United States is the largest single consumer of the drug and there it is sometimes known as “hillbilly heroin”, because the first cases of abuse happened in the Appalachian Mountains. This opiate based substance is difficult to recover from and similar to heroin, has horrible withdrawal symptoms. Many people who fall prey to the drug have to seek professional treatment at rehabilitation facilities.

The Dangers of Abusing Oxycodone

oxycodone abuseSurprisingly, many cases of abuse and dependency don’t just start from recreational use, but also from legal prescription use. Individuals who are legally prescribed oxycodone for pain treatment can easily become addicted. This is unfortunate, because it takes many people by surprise. Before they know it, people who have never used drugs in the past end up with a serious drug addiction, because of the fact that oxycodone is very physically addictive. Oxycodone is a commonly used prescription drug for the treatment of chronic pain and other pain symptoms. Essentially, the drug is opiate based and causes the body to release serotonin which leaves the body feeling light and pain free. Opiates, which are the active ingredient in heroin also make the user feel euphoric. This can quickly lead to addiction if the user is not careful. Believe it or not, the abuse of prescription drugs is unfortunately common, and many have to seek rehabilitation for it.

Opiate Addiction Can Be Deadly

If you know someone who is battling an opiate addiction, the best option is to try and have an intervention. Often times the addiction itself is stronger than the will of the person. Most addicts are unaware that they have a problem and need the help and support of families and communities to overcome their problem.

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